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 Millennium Lady

"The Sisters Of The Sea"

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Lady of the Sea





The homes are NOT fully accessible.  By climbing two steps both homes may be accessed from the ground level.  Please note that there are NO ACCESS RAMPS AVAILABLE at this time.  Both homes have elevator access to the upper levels.  There are no showers that may be accessed with a wheelchair.  Not recommended for persons that cannot function without a wheelchair or assistance from others. 


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The Millennium Lady provides elevator access to and from the GROUND FLOOR, FIRST FLOOR and SECOND FLOORS only!  The majority of the bedrooms are on these levels as well as living rooms, baths, kitchen and dining areas. Outdoor porch areas are also located on these levels.



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The Lady of the Sea provides elevator access to all three levels.  All bedrooms are located on the FIRST FLOOR and the THIRD FLOOR.  The living room, kitchen and dining area are located on the SECOND FLOOR.  Outdoor porches and decks are located on all three levels.


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